The tl:dr; of this article was to be more empathic when we build things, not to stop using…
Karolina Szczur

I know that’s not what you meant, I admit I distorted your point a little to make mine.

But my real point is that I strongly disagree that this has anything to do at all about empathy. Instead, it’s all about resources and priorities. Making a JS app is already hard enough, duplicating all that work so that it also works without JS is quite often just not practical.

Even Facebook or Dropbox are constrained when it comes to this, and just adding more developers doesn’t always help.

And this is even more true for solo developers, who can’t just assign a couple engineers to the problem. So you can imagine how reading countless articles about our supposed lack of empathy makes us feel… Which brings us back to being more empathetic, I guess ;)