The Future of Web Forms
Matt West

I think you’re making interesting points overall, but that Treehouse flow is a good example of what not to do.

It requires much more work on the user’s part (after the 10th time telling a website that you want to “sign up for an account” you’ll start missing good old sign up links), is vague (where does that “Gmail address” come from? Also what if I have multiple Gmail addresses?), and provides far less information than a normal flow (what are these Node courses you’re telling me about? Why can’t I just browser a list of courses and pick the ones I want?).

Of course this is just a blog post and I don’t think a designer actually designing a real product would make these same mistakes, but I do think we should be careful about the expectations and baselines we set when it comes to conversational UIs, otherwise it might come back to bite us sooner or later…

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