The State Of JS 2017 Results Preview

And also, why is it taking so long?

First, an apology: it’s been taking us way too long to publish the results of the 2017 State of JavaScript survey.

This boils down to a couple factors. First, I was traveling during the entire month of September, and that didn’t leave me much time to make progress on analyzing the survey results.

Second, we collected a lot more data this year in order to give you access to even more meaningful results, but more data also means more time-consuming work.

And finally, there’s now three of us (me, Michael, and Raphaël), which in theory means we should be three times as fast; but in practice also means we have to coordinate our busy schedules!

A Quick Preview While You Wait

It’s not all bad though: one of the reasons I was traveling was to speak at Nordic.js, where I gave a talk presenting some preliminary results from the survey:

The talk presents results from the Flavors, Front-End, Data Layer, Mobile, and Build Tools categories. And as a bonus, it also includes a fun JavaScript quiz! (play along at home!)

Back to Work!

Don’t worry, I’m well aware that a mere video won’t be enough to quench your thirst for JavaScript stats.

So rest assured that all three of us will be clearing out our schedules this month to get this thing out the door, jobs and kids be damned! (just kidding, don’t tell them I said that…).

In the meantime don’t forget to check out Michael’s always-useful Best Of JS library stats directory; as well as Raphaël’s spiffy React dataviz library, Nivo.

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