I’m conducting a twitter experiment

I’ve been on twitter for almost ten years. I’ve posted about 19,000 tweets. However, it was more because of the information received than sent that I long deemed twitter the most important social media service. Regardless of all the legitimate discussions revolving around the ingenuity of twitter, over the past year I have come to realize that twitter does not have as much to offer me as it once did.

Over the past six or seven years I have given at least 50 twitter courses. I always emphasized that twitter is only as good and as valuable as your network. Taking a good hard look in the mirror, I’m forced to critique myself: my twitter network (to some degree) is no longer a good fit.

I follow a lot of accounts that have not been updated in months, or even years. I follow accounts that no longer interest me. I am, to a certain extent, simply following the wrong accounts.

So I’m conducting an experiment: I am going to unfollow every account. Then, little by little, I will rebuild my network. People and platforms that pique my interest. That share valuable information.

Should you notice that you’ve lost me as a follower, don’t take it personally. A. I might very well be back in a few days or weeks. B. People and interests change.

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