[04] I started watching Naruto and find it extremely sexist
Tanvi Kant

First of all, I agree the anime does not show Sakura in a good light, but I would not expect anything different from the show. The show is named ‘Naruto’. [Spoiler] Its about rivalry between Naruto and Sasuke. Not only for Sakura but also for all other characters in the story, the character development is minimal, even for many important characters. You did not talk about any other characters btw. Shows how much emphasis the show put on other characters.

Their past is different, which is why their present reactions to different things are different.

About your point regarding ‘impressionable’ teenagers, there are many other things that can impress teenagers. Teach them to respect others. Do not post shows as excuses.

[Spoiler] Sakura is not a physically weak character.

Although I do agree with your point regarding objectification of women in the show and in other animes. Something that can be improved and should be improved.

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