Buzz Aldrin Is Still Making Waves

A Moonwalker like few others. Admittedly there are few moonwalkers in all — one dozen to be precise.

Buzz has not slowly faded into the sunset more than four decades after his famous moon landing along with Neil Armstrong.

He is going around America and around the world evangelizing a human landing on Mars.

Here he is on Twitter humble bragging about that Moon trip.

And here is Buzz plain bragging.

Here is Buzz being a Mars evangelist

But that Moon walk remains Buzz’s greatest achievement of course and which is how humanity will still remember who Buzz Aldrin was 500 years from now.

Buzz having some fun in Rio.

Omega seems to have roped him in.

Living it up

The second man on the Moon remembering the first man on the Moon.

That famous voucher

And one more famous photograph

The three astronauts of Apollo 11 in one photograph

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