Customer Experience vs User Experience

Sachin Ghegade
2 min readJan 12, 2024

Your customers do not buy the product itself; they buy a solution that your product offers them to fulfil their requirements. Nobody cares how hard you put in to make your product great at behind.

To succeed in your product does CX (Customer Experience) help or UX (User Experience)? Are they the same altogether? The answer is Yes and No.

CX refers to a customer’s overall relation and understanding of a brand across overall touchpoints throughout the entire customer journey. Whereas UX refers to specific journeys or actions that interact between the user and the product/service, the goal is to make successful interactions as smooth as possible.

The scope of CX includes Marketing, Sales, customer service, and Pre-Post Sales support and the scope of UX refers to Accessibility, Interaction, Interface, and Consistency.

Being a Sales-person, or Business Analyst it is better to have sound knowledge about the User Experience. While understanding the products in and out of the ecosystem in CX, UX provides micro touchpoints about the journey and important actions they impact to keep users engaged. When it comes to UX designers, understanding the CX helps to crisp the journey, and keep things important from a Sales perspective.

By knowing the difference between CX and UX, one can learn how each plays an important role in the success of a product or service. Keep your customers (users) at the centre while developing the product. Make sure you won’t fail to realize the significance of CX and UX in the process, otherwise it can lead to dissatisfied customers.