Hi Penny,
Sachin R

To cut the long story short, first 1.5 months were more than enough to understand that the situation not at all normal. However, when I looked at my colleagues who were youngsters , I asked them don't they realize that this environment is not right for you. Their answer stumped me — “We know, but we are adamant to settle our score, no matter what and we want to speak with the founder — a face to face talk”.

(As Ms Penny has also mentioned): Whenever the founder speaks only about his vision but doesn't answer your pointed and direct questions — He is not the right person.

Next 3 months were spent trying to work out a solution , between all the concerned stake holders and completed one integration of a biz. model into the existing one, simply to make sure that the finances flow in. And when it actually did, I made sure that the Founder , sits with each and every of his employees and listens to them, he pays them something for them to survive for next 2–3 months. There were many who left during that time

At the end of this marathon , each and every employee was mentally satisfied , some got their dues, some rejected it outright , as for me , I was relieved that I was able to do something for them, but I had my own personal issues to tackle.

Even today, when I look back , I always think, did I do the right thing? And to be brutally, honest with you — I don't know. However, I am least bothered as to what the world would think or how they would judge me, the only thing I know is that , this scar is not going to heal any time sooner.

However, Sir, I would say, after such un-earthly experience , a person becomes stone hard, they can face anything which this life has to offer.

As a matter of fact , I would love to hear from Ms Penny, the changes which happened within her mind , her way of thinking, her way of tackling problems , after this encounter.

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