Powerful Medicinal Plants for Your Home

If you love Gardening and you are health conscious, then this blog will guide you through the various plants which are beneficial for your health and while growing these plants you will spend the best time with nature which is considered as the best quality time. As all of us know that plants are beneficial in various ways and because of their benefits, we should grow them in our surroundings.

It has always been a considerable fact that plants provide a sense of relief from all the worries which can hamper our psychological growth and because of plants we get a sense of relief which is important for our growth. There are several medicinal plants but in this blog, we will discuss about the main medicinal plants which are easy to grow and they are easily available at the various online garden stores India.

Some of the plants are as follows

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is very common in Indian gardens and leaves of this plant contain transparent thick gel which is bitter but this gel contains high level of protein which has 18 out of 20 amino acids. This plant also contains vitamin A, B, C and E and some complex carbohydrate which is known as acemannan that delivers nutrition to cells and detoxifies the body.


Marigold flowers are considered as good omen in Hindu Marriages and in India, this flower has high level of significance. This flower is rich in flavoring and they have antibiotic properties. Marigold petals with water can be used to treat sunburn or it is viable in fighting oily skin. Marigold can be applied to bites, stings rashes and wounds.

Holy Basil

You will get to know the richness of Indian culture by knowing that in India, even a plant is considered as goddess and Holy Basil (tulsi) is one of them. A common plant in Indian households, tulsi has innumerable benefits. Tulsi is potent germicidal, fungicidal and antibacterial. In any kind of fever, tulsi tea is beneficial and it is beneficial in disease like malaria. Drinking tulsi tea on regular basis can regulate blood sugar level and it improvises insulin sensitivity.

Indian Lilac (Neem)

The best thing about neem tree is that its each and every part is beneficial. From bark to sapling to flower and to fruit, each and every component of neem is beneficial according to Ayurveda. This plant cures and cleanse scalp, moisturise skin and treat wounds.

Apart from medicinal qualities, there are various exotic plants which are beneficial for the home and you can easily install them in your balcony garden.

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