Buddha In The Upper Realms Of Dhyana, His Hands In Dharmachakra Mudra

Apr 18 · 2 min read

The meditating Buddha abound, but there is something about this one. Made using the ancient batik painting technique, it depicts the seated Buddha right till the navel. He is clad in a robe of deep, vivid red that hangs loosely from the shoulders against His radiant ivory skin. His large eyes, beneath brows like the unshut wings of the albatross, are closed, indicating that He is steeped in meditation. His mouth is full and red, His lobes lengthened from His kundalas. His hair is braided and piled on top of His head. It is an inimitable composure of countenance — calm and gathered, almost powerful. The halo that has flared up behind His head resembles in form the third eye of the yogi.

Batik Batik Painting On Cotton

A very complex process has gone into this seemingly simple painting. Batik painting originated in India a long time ago and involves waxing the foundation fabric, dyeing it using endemic pigments and techniques, and then dewaxing it. Each of these takes hours to be done to perfection, which result in a degree of beauty and perfection that could be gleaned from this painting. It is the batik technique itself that sets this image of the Buddha apart from others. His hands are in the dharmachakra mudra. In the lower background is a sea of light — alternating white and green and orange that the Enlightened One is seemingly merging into in the upper realms of dhyana.