How Digital Marketing Is Changing The Bussiness ..!!

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Are you still contacting the Ad agency with the Billboard hoardings and spending a huge amount of funds? If yes, then this is the right time to change the way of marketing. Gone have the days of one-sided advertisements where just the big companies used to pass on the information. People are getting into the digital era and like to have a healthy two sided conversation with the companies before doing any business.

So do you still want to stick to the old or want to get some new gold..!!

Now here comes the big question. How are we going to change the entire old system?

You don’t have to worry. I will help you by telling all the hidden secret. So I was going through an article and came to know about this course “ Digital Marketing - Nanodegree Program “. This course has helped me getting the insights of digital marketing with a practical approach and that too within just 3 months. I did not have to waste like some odd 2 years for an MBA degree and now I am ready to start my own Campaigns.

Ok, now I will tell my story. I was a guy who was madly interested in Digital marketing but due to family pressure and lack of funds I had to join a firm as an HR after my college. I worked for a year in that company and saved the funds so that I can do a course and start my career in Digital Marketing. In the mean time when I worked in that company, I used to go to Youtube and various platforms to learn about digital marketing but that did not help me as it was not at all organised. Then once I was reading an article about Udacity- Digital Marketing course which changed my complete career. Now I had access to an organised content and could learn as per my schedule under a guidance of a mentor. Mentors were there to assist every time I got stuck somewhere or for a guidance. They have a vast experience in the field of digital marketing.

All the topics were clearly categorised and were divided into segments, which made it easy to learn. You also have to do assignments which help in getting the practical insights about digital marketing.

After being trained from Udacity I have changed my career from HR to Digital Marketing Executive at a Real estate firm. I earn decent now and help the company by generating a large number of leads for their new projects.

So what are you waiting for..!! Interested to increase your business or looking for a career switch, do visit Digital marketing course for more details… Maybe a discount might be waiting to be claimed..!!