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After doing a lot of research and knowing every fact, I found that there are a lot of websites where they just write bad reviews about every builder to gain some public attention and traffic.

Recently I was reading about the reviews of Kumari Amaranthine, I saw their Google Bussiness listing it had 4.5 star rating (32 Reviews) and the Kumari Builders and Developers also had a rating of 3.9 star rating (53 reviews).

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But once I just wrote on Google “ Kumari Builders reviews” what I saw in results was totally stunning and different. I opened those review websites and went review by review I could figure out all the reviews were written in the same month and year on all the websites which looked really fishy to me. Now I was more interested to know the background story so I called the Sales Manager of Kumari Builders and Developers and asked whether the online reviews are true or not and why are they not replying to it. He called me to his office and showed the CRM tool where they maintain every customer or enquiry details, but to my surprise it did not have any of those names related to the reviews. When I said him that why don’t they take any actions to the reviews, as it was creating a bad name in the market; to which he said they did try replying to the reviews on those sites but it has a moderation that does not let the post appear on their blogs. On talking more than 30 minutes to Mr. Ravindra, I came to know they did try to contact the online review websites but it was all in vain. He further told me that they also have a customer care department where try to resolve any issues faced by genuine customers ASAP. If any of the readers are facing any problem with Kumari Builders and Developers they can directly mail to customercare@kumaribuilders.com and if the query is not answered or resolved than you can send an escalation mail to ravindra@kumaribuilders.com directly.

On talking to the Customer Care department I came to know that some people are really worried about the construction quality and the timely delivery to which they have a provision that the customer can Request a free site visit to all of their previous projects and even talk to the people staying their directly.

Reading more about Kumari Builders and Developers I came to now that they are the fastest growing real estate company in Bangalore, which can be justified as they have already completed 9 Projects, 4 Ongoing project and 3 upcoming projects is just a span of 4 Years. To read more about this builders history you can visit this link.

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