Why You Should Have Learnt Filmmaking

For anyone trying to grown an audience, video is the best medium right now

So why should you build an audience? Ryan Hoover tells you why in this piece, and you would know he is the authority on the topic if you check out his website.

If you have not been an Ostrich for the last four years, you would have noticed that the consumption of video across platforms have increased tremendously. Video is everywhere, from Facebook live to Instagram stories/Snapchat stories, and who can ignore the masters of the medium — BuzzFeed (Did someone ever predict that making cooking videos would be a million dollar business even in 2017?). BuzzFeed’s content view stats from 2 years back paints a clear picture about the state of video:

From Video is the new HTML

So aside from the obvious: video will be 80–90% of our consumption in 2 years time, why should you (whatever field of expertise you belong to) start learning to make videos.

1. Better Signalling Than Blogging

We generally tend to understate the role signalling plays when other people make decisions to interact with something we have created. For example, landing pages with videos convert better not just because video is easy to consume, but also because the video signals that the company has put significant effort into making it — words don’t cost a penny, a video looks like it does.

Blogging has become pretty easy (especially Medium), its when writing words became too easy that bloggers started making use of illustrations and graphics to do the job better. As Claire Lew writes in Why I illustrate all our blog posts, as CEO:

These days, everyone is writing something — be it blog posts, e-books, newsletters — and a lot of it sounds and looks the same. A high-resolution, parallax scrolling image as the featured photo. A brightly-colored, minimalist infographic. You can even hire ghostwriters or outsource your writing to content marketing firms who’ll both write and illustrate the posts for you.
See the same thing enough times in enough places… and you start to smell the lack of authenticity when you read it.
You think to yourself, “Do these people even give a shit?”.
Here at Know Your Company, we do give a shit. Our sole purpose for writing is not to increase our SEO ranking or “growth hack” our business. We write because we truly care about creating more open, honest workplaces. And we believe sharing our insights can help more people influence their own workplaces to be that way.
Illustrations done by me, the CEO, is one way for us to show this. We don’t hire out anyone else to write our stuff. We don’t even hire anyone to illustrate our stuff

Video is one more way of signalling that you give a shit about what you write.

2. Making a good video is becoming easier

For a long time video creators have had to stick with editors like iMovie and Final Cut Pro, which have some learning curve and are not exactly fine tuned to create small snack-able videos. But now there are a ton of new start-ups focussing on making video creation easier for the Snapchat and Instagram generation. I’m listing a few below:

UnStock Editor

3. Don’t have to hide behind “But I’m an introvert and I’m shy”

Don’t want to create videos with your face in it? May be you have a good voice, try video essays like Nerdwriter or Lessons From The Screenplay

If that does not cut it, you can create videos using just text and moving slides. This would be an efficient way to get your audience interested in what you have to say.

You may not be able to replicate this, but can get close
Video, like any other medium of creation, requires practise and a familiarity with the basics.
I worked with Matthew John and Goutham Sekhar, who have created a wonderful resource to learn the basics of filmmaking that can help you get started in making videos.Check out YouTube FilmSchool

P.S : I realise I have not made a video for this blog post about making videos. I blame it on procrastination.