raises series A — here’s what it means for our customers:

It’s a pleasure to let you all know that we have recently raised series A funding. SAP.iO (San Francisco based fund), Unilazer Ventures (our existing investors) and a few others have backed us, thus providing more credibility and support for us to keep innovating at

Our vision remains the same — Niki to become one stop shop for everything commerce, and present everywhere for easy accessibility to customers. Freshly injected capital will act as a catalyst in moving closer to these goals.

Being a truly customer-first organisation, working towards improving customer experience with each passing day has been paramount to us. We’ll be able to work more aggressively in this direction now, with increased resources. In the near future, our customers can expect from us -

Smarter Niki:

Enhancing Machine Learning capabilities is one of the main focus areas for us. With 2 years of conversational data, we’ll be able to create better models and hence train Niki even better. This will bring a smarter Niki to the customers, who will be able to understand more complex queries and provide personalised results.

For example, if one books a bus from a city to another, Niki should be able to automatically book required cabs at the right time, suggest things to do in the new city and the way one can plan his/her day there, the best places to have food, best hotels to stay within one’s budget, and a lot more.

Multilingual support:

India is a diverse country in terms of religion, culture, language, and many other factors. Thus, catering to each one of the Indians in the same way, may not be as effective and value-adding. One of the ideas behind introducing multilingual support is making Niki sound more natural. A third language for someone may not be natural, one’s mother tongue, however, definitely is.

With multiple languages present as an option, we wish to give users the freedom to choose how they wish to interact with Niki, thus reducing all the friction there is when it comes to shopping online.

Voice feature:

Texting might not be an option sometimes while you’re on the go. In those cases, you’ll be able to quickly talk to Niki and get things done. For example, say you’re commuting in a bus and can’t really text easily with all the crowd and bumpy roads, you simply tap a button and ask Niki to make an urgent payment. You won’t even need to look at the screen, if it makes your head heavy.

Applying filters, details and everything will be executed as soon as Niki listens to those words coming out of your mouth.

More platforms:

As of now, Niki is available as an Android App, as a bot on Facebook Messenger, through SDKs with our partners like HDFC Bank OnChat, Oxigen Wallet, as a stock app along with the newly introduced widget on ZOPO Speed X phone, minus-one screen on Intex mobile phones and more. We plan to expand her presence to more platforms — iOS app, web SDK and Slack, to name a few.

Users will be able to chat with Niki anywhere they want — be it on the social messaging apps, preinstalled app on phone, on partner apps, web and other platforms. Hence, one will be able to concentrate only on getting tasks done independent of the platform they are on. For example, if you’re on Facebook web, and phone is not around, you can simply ping Niki and get a cab.

More services:

We’ll continue adding more services wherever we feel we can improve the experience, and as we keep receiving requests from our users. With Cab bookings, hotels, movies, recharges, utility bill payments and more already available, additional services like local deals, flight bookings, etc. will help Niki provide more fulfilled experience, and reach closer to the goal of becoming the only thing that strikes one’s mind for any kind of online transaction.

Last but not the least, we cannot ignore the fact that we have been and will be able to do all of this just because of the continuous support and feedback from our customers. As a gesture of gratitude, we have always tried to keep up with their expectations by continuously innovating and improving product experience.

I’d personally like to explicitly thank all our users for helping Niki grow over the years! The same support from your side will definitely help us create an amazing product, which will hopefully become one stop shop for all your needs in the future.

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