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I felt pretty good at the start of 2017. My company,, had just executed its best quarter without exploding expenses. We’d built the business to a point where we effectively had unlimited runway to stay the course and still grow. However, coming off of such a successful year made me realize how much more we could do. 2016 gave us a taste of how impactful launching new products and working with differentiated customers could be for our business. We’d only scratched the surface. I knew what we had in the bank wasn’t going to be enough to capture the…

Last week we saw earnings reports from the two giants of the internet: Google & Facebook. Alphabet (formerly Google) beat expected earnings handily in Q3 2016 and announced a $7B buyback. Facebook did the same showing that a slowdown in user growth doesn’t equal a slowdown in revenue growth.

A little after these earnings, the IAB produced a separate report touting the growth of the digital ad revenues. And then the floor dropped out (for digital publishers at least) with a tweet from Jason Kint, CEO of DCN:

This started to work its way through the echo chambers with…

Sachin Kamdar

CEO of @parsely. Leading expert & speaker on digital media, analytics and data.

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