The First Kiss

Pondicherry, Nov. 2013

Excerpt (Season 5, Episode 12)

First Kiss in the Rain
With each passing day, the verbal communication of love wanted itself to be more physical. The desire was demanding other forms of love. I still remember that evening, The sun was setting slowly, and we were together somewhere,a little isolated from others. For some time, we sat there in peace holding each other’s hand and waiting for the desire to take over and do the rest. She came close to me and hugged me. I hugged her back, and the romance brought the rain into the sky. It was drizzling. And she was not willing to go. Then, even the self-realization knocked the door and the moment of truth was, “Be there and enjoy each and every bit of it.” This time, I came a little closer to her face. Kissing her forehead first and then slowly moving towards her lips.
I wanted it to be very special, and a lot thing helped me to make it special. But most of all, it was she. From the time we kissed for the first time, to this time, with many more countless kisses. She is with me. And she is really awesome in it.

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