4 things that every writer should know about “Writing for Mobile”

Mobile is an individual’s 24x7 companion that responds and does things “Quickly”. You’re lost and need directions, quickly. You want information, quickly. You want a ride back home, quickly. You want to order a meal, quickly. Mobile users are in hurry!

As response is needed instantaneously, app navigation and content essentially contributes to the ‘quick quotient’ of a mobile product.

These pointers will cover the major things you need to know in order for your content to be “mobile-ready” to meet the mobile content’s ‘quick quotient’ parameter. The rest will be up to the writer’s evolution in this mobile-age.

1. Think About Screen Size

Mobile screens are small, and dense content can be hard to fully digest. Break up content into short, simple phrases/sentences. Avoid complex sentence structure.

2. Bite Sized, Sharp Headlines

Mobile users are in hurry. They are looking for the information, quickly. Best practices should include headlines that are no more than 55 characters. Sharp, Strong, mobile headlines will empower your mobile audience to scan and decide between go and no-go content. You could try and emulate the one-liners/headlines that television news channel of our generation have kind of perfected.

3. Say it first, Say it fast

Think about the objective of a particular page of content when writing for mobile. That should be the first sentence of your paragraph. Your site visitors should not have to scroll significantly to find the page’s primary content. Simply put, Front-load your content i.e. put the conclusion first, followed by the what, how, when and why.

4. Finally, Preview your copy in a Mobile device view before you press ‘publish‘

Set your Microsoft Word document to a page width of 4.5 inches, as most of the smartphones models will likely to have this screen size. You should type your content in a 15pt font to gauge the fit of the content within a standard mobile device view. More, there is a strong possibility that the Content Management System (CMS) that writers’ might be using could have a built-in mobile preview feature; check it out with your CMS admin.


Sachin Kinra is a 14-year veteran of the Mobile products and experiences landscape. He is currently the Head of ‘Products Content’ at Myntra.com

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