Mahindra TUV300— Half RISE? AVOID this half done/untested product

Circa 2015, a year of dreams and fulfilment.. a year of many things that changed me and the world around me.

TUV300 — AVOID this Half Done/Untested Product

On an evening in September I’d decided to buy a ‘New Mahindra’ #TUV300 after the relentless pitch from my 6-year-old son, yes he was really awed by the vehicle and wanted a TUV300 only. Despite my conflict of my mind and heart; I’d decided to go with my 6-year old’s wish.

Finally, TUV300 was delivered in Dec 2015 and with all the fanfare we started our road trip and the ordeal of driving a half done/untested product i.e. TUV300

First Ride TUV300 — Car drifting towards left :(

The first ride started showing the shallowness of Mahindra’s ‘RISE’ claim. TUV300 is a fine example of ‘lack of substance’ where the car was drifting towards left on a Bangalore-Chennai highway. Strange but yes, the very first ride it was difficult to drive smoothly. Came back to the city and went straight to the dealer and reported the issue (the service outlet was closed on that day).

No response from the dealer (sireesh auto); instead deployed my energy on twitter to report the concern. I did get the response back from the dealer & Mahindra. They took the vehicle and assured me it is fixed. Workshop visit 1 in first 3 days of purchase :( :(

Result — the car still drifts towards left but they assured me I will get used to it. WTF, I will get used to a bad riding experience.

Further Rides — Rattling noise from Seat, doors, engine, sound everything that an untested/half done product could offer. Workshop visit 2 within first 15 days of purchase :(

Mahindra Dealer (Sireesh Auto) Folks. Whom I’d given a test ride for the problems in TUV300

Reported the matter to the dealer and gave them (folks) a test ride. Yes I need to make them witness the issues and unique rattling/seismic sound/noise coming from the cabin, engine, doors, seats what not. Poor quality

Result — TUV300 is spending another night in the workshop with a hope that it gets its hygiene experience.. but chances are abysmally low. how they can remove the sound coming from seats.. it’s a manufacturing defect

My Fundamental Concern(s)regarding TUV300/Mahindra and around our purchase journey.

  • Mahindra has not ‘RISEN’ and still thrives on a thought of building their automotive empire by testing/creating the products at customer’s expense i.e. releasing untested/poor quality. WHY a new car to be fixed?
  • TUV300 is full of nuisance— Plenty of problems in TUV300 as I’d mentioned above. All of them are hygiene and that’s the least you should expect in any car.
  • The Fix it seems is also half-done — Despite Mahindra taking up the vehicle with a promise but it is evident that they don’t have the exact fix. Further, They are working on an assumption that I will, like other customers will lose my energy over a period of time and stop reporting the issues. Let’s try me.
  • Don’t rely on news/website reviews — Please refrain from making a purchase decision from the reviews available online. Unfortunately, all reviews talked about the tech specs essentially from a PR story planted by Mahindra or its brochure.
  • Mahindra has taken users for granted — Their customer service machinery would sweet talk to you assuming that our time doesn't cost anything and we can talk to them and send the vehicle over. Is this what is expected from a new vehicle? How about compensating me for the time and energy, I am spending over and above the amount I’d paid to acquire #TUV300.

How I am going to get compensated?? Will I get my refund or replacement? The fight could be long ( so far being sweet talked with no solution) but I am insisting to myself that at least take a stand and you could bring these folks down to stop testing with our money and make them fully accountable.

Verdict — Avoid TUV300, don’t get buoyed by the reviews from different websites. I know the how these reviews are written and ad money drives those media outlets to give these folks positive or negative rating.

Make an informed decision about TUV300 or even KUV100 else you will end up in Workshop more than on the Road.