Power of virtualization.

It was a trip, really boring family trip, with some family friends or was it just my father’s co workers? Don’t really remember but doesn’t really matter here. The day was cold, it almost always is when you are in Himalayas. We were resting in our hotel rooms(I don’t think it was a hotel, more like a dhaba if you know what i mean.) in the evening after spending all day hiking towards god, Kedarnath mountain is considered one of the most holy pilgrimage sites in india. It’s crazy how in India we spend our vacation on trips where we do even more work than we do in working days but that’s a topic for another day.
I was walking towards my room when I overheard a couple that was with us. I could not really hear anything but i heard my mother’s name so just out of curiosity I went closer to the room, now I know what you are thinking but i was young so let it go. They were angry on my parents for not being on schedule that day when coming back from kedarnath. I almost overheard their whole conversation, went to my parent’s room and told them everything, I was expecting an angry reaction or something towards that side of the spectrum but to my surprise my mom started laughing and father didn’t even pay attention. When I asked what is going on my mother said that you heard them it’s ok but you did not have to come here and tell us what happened, If you keep it to yourself at least we don’t have to worry about it. We won’t even see each other for years after this trip, if we don’t know they hate us for something that’s one thing less to worry about.
Now i am not saying that it was a good idea to do that, i am not even saying that that made any sense to me at the time after she laughed about them being angry. But in the following years I noticed many people i knew doing the same thing, creating a virtual world in their mind where everything is ok or something specific did not happen.
Today i think almost everyone of us does the same in more or less fashion. We all are trying to forget something and have forgotten somethings. I think that’s virtualization at human level and it’s healthy. Trying to forget about the time you embarrassed yourself in front of a lot of people or when you boasted in front of your whole class that you can make that 6 feet jump and you could not, ok that might have been just me but we all have those times. Now those things, they happened, for sure but we don’t want them to exist. This i think is survival tool of humans because when i think about the terrorist attacks(i am by no means comparing them with my embarrassing jumping incident.) and how can people go to work or live in the neighbouring area where so many people died in a matter of seconds, it feels impossible to do. But we all are super humans we have the power to virtualize and forget.

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