My North Star

Sitting at the window pane, she gazed out in the open

She sits there looking at the beauty of nature, at glowing horizon

Dew drops falling from the window’s ledge, sweet smelling wet ground, flowers and moist wood, none as sweet as hers, I know, I could pick hers from any other

Across the room in our bed, looking at her, I wonder if this moment is real

Awestruck at the beauty she is, her eyes revealed more than one can capture

Her hairs flowing over her face by the gentle breeze

She gently pushes them back only to reveal her innocent face

Childish as she is, never did she reveal, always taking care of me, loving me in her embrace

I always see the depth and affection of a child that she carries in her heart

Changing me always for better, keeping me sane in this upside down world

Giving me hope and faith in human bond, she never realises but she gave me what I have today

Togetherness is what she preaches and love is she what holds

She looks at me looking at her, gazing at her, lost in her abysmal warmth

She smiles and turns back to look at the nature

That ‘elegance’ is what I call mine, what I believe will be mine for eternity

She is my anchor, she is my North Star.

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