Why Learning Is A New Procrastination
Max Lukominskyi

This article is amazingly pertinent to my learning experience. Your article has great parallels to the Feynman’s technique as described in this link . https://www.scotthyoung.com/learnonsteroids/grab/TranscriptFeynman.pdf . Learning is a holistic process, to condense it into my little algebraic statement

“reading < reading aloud < reading aloud + writing < reading aloud + writing + applying to problems < reading aloud + writing << reading aloud + writing + applying to problems + Teaching.”

…. and yet, the above equation means nothing…unless I apply it.. live by it.

Its the “moment of epiphany” which enthralls my curiosity. When do we know that “we know”? when does the brain offload the heavy lifting to the spinal cord ? when do we feel stressed (when we realize something is difficult) and when do we feel invigorated ( when we realize we are close to understanding something new) .

The answers to these questions may be anthropological ( teaching methods evolved from societal traditions), biological ( nootropics, stimulants, Mesolimbic reward pathway exploits) , Philosophical ( I need to know that I don’t know..but why??) or just plain empirical , or a combination of all of these.

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