Dear Mumbaikars,

I know how to feels to travel in a packed train with sweat of your fellow passengers seeping into your shirt as well. I know what it feels like to cramp 4 people into a seat that’s actually supposed to seat just 3.

But none of it actually troubles me more than the fact that while I stand, I can actually feel your eyes on my phone, while I use it. It doesn’t happen ONLY when I stand in the train. But I’ve noticed you peek even when I’m seated right beside you.

If it’s a game I’m playing, or a movie I’m watching, then I can understand your curiosity. But what gives you the right to even try to read my personal messages. I mean, it’s not like your messages are gonna show up on my phone. Even when my phone rings, I don’t like you staring at my caller ID. Buzz off, it’s not your call on my phone.😡

If that just cleared the air, let me make one more thing clear. My messages from friends are not relevant to “National Security”. So if you’re trying to say that you’re “being inquisitive” for the safety of the country and the passengers onboard, I still don’t buy it. We have better Government officials, who work day and night to give us all that safety. And I’m proud of them. You trying to scrutinise my privacy will not get you any appreciation. SERIOUSLY!!!!

Now you might be wondering what you’re supposed to do, IF NOT, stare at my phone.

1. Look at your own phone. You might have messages that you didn’t read, or calls you missed out on. You may find that you haven’t called a friend in a long time. Trust me, the latter will make you both feel good.

2. Close your eyes and go to sleep (if you’re seated). That extra power nap goes a long way.

3. I know majority of the people own smartphones. But the people who stare the most, are the ones without smartphones. I don’t blame them. But if you find a guy like that staring at you, advice him to listen to the radio. Those I’m sure he can listen to with ease.

4. The worst of the bunch are the guys who actually have smartphones, are listening to songs from the same device, and are reading messages and news. So to them I say.

Mind your Own Device

If all else fails, there is a simple and effective way to deal with such nosey people.

Stare right back at them!!!!

With best regards,

A Mumbaikar like you

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