Chatbot for media agencies

It’s fascinating to see how Chatbots are getting traction and helping us in many ways to automate our day-to-day tasks.

Heading a Digital Ad Operations team at one of the leading media agency at MEC MENA — I deal with many data points on a regular basis and run through several repetitive tasks while serving planning, trading and research teams. Therefore, I wanted to find an efficient way of dealing the task by utilizing the technology. This is where I started gaining knowledge on building my own Chatbot and successfully launched a slim version of the Chatbot called “Ask-Digital”.

Imagine how useful it would be to get an instant answer on Display/Mobile industry benchmarks, digital campaign tagging strategy, best practice for campaigns, job opening information from HR and more. I have received tremendous response from everyone within the agency few hours after the launch and have recorded around 100+ chat conversations retrieving information about benchmarks, analytics tagging etc.

I’m now super pumped to enrich Chatbot with more data. I think for all the media agencies this is a great way to bring technology and data together as it can change the agency’s service offerings internally and to clients.

More updates to follow..