Today’s Spoon

How To Live Forever

I used to have an irrational fear of death and this fear crept into every aspect of my life. I stopped myself from engaging in certain activities because of the fear of death. I refused to accept it as a natural part of the cycle of life.

I would spend hours sometimes researching methods of keeping myself alive — cybernetic technology, cryogenics, stem cells and many more. Every time new research on immortality was published I would pour over the contents in the hopes of finding a viable solution.

After a spiritual awakening I began to see that the energy that inhabits my body is only here temporarily. As the famous saying goes — this too shall pass — meaning that everything is temporary, especially these physical bodies we inhabit.

The energy that animates these bodies is what we are — energy can never be destroyed — only transferred. I realised that even though this physical existence may end, it leads to another life beyond this one — when our energy is transferred to another plane of existence.

After understanding that I had to release my unhealthy attachment to being physically present in this body I was able to let go of this feeling of dread when it came to death. Instead of seeing it as an ending I now see it as a new beginning.

Instead of trying to find ways to keep this physical form alive I now appreciate the value it has for the planet and therefore I’d like to return it to the earth to nourish new life.

No one ever really dies — our energy lives on.

Peace & positive vibes.