Today’s Spoon

Who Am I?

Who am I to disagree with the laws set in place? Who am I to refute any claims made by those who rule us? Who am I to speak out against the things that I disagree with? Who am I to offer an alternative way of thought?

Who am I to think that I deserve better for myself? Who am I to want a better way of life? Who am I to suggest that the current systems in place aren’t perfect? Who am I to demand an alternative?

Who am I to think that I deserve to be loved? Who am I to think that I can distance myself from those that don’t have my best interests at heart? Who am I to think so highly of myself that I remove myself from toxic environments?

Who am I to care for the wellbeing of others? Who am I to attempt to spread a positive message? Who am I to not be crushed by the weight of the world? Who am I to stand up for what I believe in? Who am I to be unique?

I am an infinite being. I am alive for a reason. I have breath in this body for a reason. Until this heart stops beating I am a being with a purpose. I am alive to live a way of life that serves me.

I am made from the same elements that make up the stars, the planets and the sky. I am stardust wrapped in skin and nothing will ever make me feel like less than that which I know I am.

A man on a mission.

The question is not who am I, the question is why am I.

And that is the question I pose to you — do you know why you’re here?

Peace & positive vibes.