Today’s Spoon

Motivated By The Fear of Being Average.

Are you willing to settle for less than your true worth?

If you answered yes, it’s highly likely that you’ve already settled. This has its consequences, but if you’re happy where you are — more power to you.

If you answered no, the rest of this post is for you.

Many of us can set such lofty goals that they may seem impossible to achieve and we may become discouraged from pursuing them further.

If you feel like your dreams are slipping away I would encourage you to look around you. Wherever you are just look around you and register what you see.

What is it about your current situation you want to change? Why are you working toward bettering your situation? More importantly, why aren’t you?

If you dream of a lifestyle you don’t need to take a vacation from — it’s not going to happen by dreaming of it — you need to work towards it every single day.

However, we can become uninspired and some of us can stop entirely. If this has happened to you — don’t worry, it’s part of the journey.

The important thing is to get started again — but how?

Something that helped me is to look at where I’ll be if I don’t step up my work rate. If I take a relaxed approach to creating a new life for myself — I won’t succeed in it.

I will end up telling others how ‘I tried’ and ‘it just wasn’t meant to be’ and those I tell will have a million excuses about why they didn’t make it either. We will all sit together and pat each other on the back for trying during our lunch break and then guess what — back to work.

This terrifies me because I can’t imagine working myself to the bone for a company that doesn’t give a damn about me. I can’t imaging going into the same building every week with the same people, having the same mundane conversations and living the same day on repeat for the next 40 years.

No, I will not reduce myself to average and live life like it’s a chore.

I am here to be and do more than just average — and so are you.

Peace & positive vibes.