Today’s Spoon

I Hate My Life.

I’ve spoken with many people who tell me this and I ask them — Can you do something about it? If they say yes then I have to tell them — it’s simply a matter of either committing to making it better or they can keep complaining. Complaining breeds more of what you already have.

If you have the time to complain — you have the time to put in the work necessary to change your situation for the better. Do something productive with the time you have, or watch your life pass you by amidst all of the thousands of complaints you have about it.

I used to be a degenerate and found myself in the company of others who were like me. Most of us complained about the way things were but continued to act in this way even though we knew it wasn’t serving us. This is one of the highest forms of ignorance.

First I’d like you to acknowledge why you think your life sucks — identify whoever and whatever it is and ask yourself if you want them to be in your future. If they are making you miserable right now — they aren’t going to miraculously stop later on.

You must hold yourself accountable for the way you feel — you must be the one to decide to better for yourself. This is called becoming the creator of your own reality — as opposed to being a victim of circumstance. The latter is where the complainers find themselves because they are unwilling to change.

Realise that YOU and you alone have the power to change your life, no one else can do it for you. No one else is going to act in your best interests for you, it is unfair for you to expect this of anyone except yourself. Be selfish when it comes to how you want to feel.

You create your reality — create a better one for yourself.

Peace & positive vibes.