Today’s Spoon

Help Me, I’m Weird!

We’re all unique, yet we’re all so similar. We all breathe the same air, bleed the same blood and live on the same planet. There isn’t much that separates us — in the superficial sense — yet we are all different in that we all have our own interests, personalities and quirks that make us unique.

I used to place great importance on the way things looked rather than how they felt, since living in a way of life that prioritises my feelings I’ve never felt better. I used to think that I had to be like everyone else to feel good — but it never worked.

When I tried to blend into the crowd of the faceless masses I felt as though I’d lost that spark of individuality that made me who I was. When I let others see a glimpse of who I truly was they would say that I was strange or weird and this would make me feel self-conscious.

Now I only seek to make myself feel good with what I surround myself with by making sure that I resonate with everything I choose to be a part of. I used to be worried about being called weird — but now I see that in a world where we’re all encouraged to be the same, being called weird is a compliment.

These words that others project onto us reflect how they are feeling about themselves. They are uncomfortable in expressing who they are and therefore wish to project that insecurity onto others who are free to express themselves — they do this because they feel threatened.

Instead of being offended or self-conscious when someone calls me strange or weird I smile because I take it as a sign that the universe is reassuring me that I am unique and not just another statistic.

There’s no such thing as normal — be yourself.

Peace & positive vibes.