My BPO Business

MBB, which is short for My BPO Business, is the largest integrated BPO solution in India. The company has an absolute authority on Outsourcing, Licensing, KPO/LPO/BPO. Throughout the many years that it’s been working the company has consulted dozens of companies, with the grand majority of them being positive. Out of all of the companies that MBB has consulted in the past, the most notable ones are the following: HCL, Tata, HSBC, Dell and HDFC.

MBB specializes in inbound and outbound projects, because of the many offices it has around the world. It should also be mentioned that MBB’s main office is situated in Delhi, which is the capital of India.

Although it may seem like the company only handles BPO organizations, MBB actually has expanded quite a lot during the past few years, and now the company handles both BPO projects and Call Center projects, as well as BPO campaigns and online form filling projects.

Although the main office is situated in India, the company also expanded globally, which means that now it actually supports both B2B and B2C domains. This is why the company is so popular outside of India. Simply put, if a company wishes to make a contract from anywhere around the world, it is much more profitable financially to contact My BPO Business directly.

The main reason why so many people contact MBB is because MBB specializes in helping freelancers start a new Call Center or a new BPO organization themselves. Because of the many years they have on the fields they have gathered a lot of information on how to run a successful business without taking any major risks that could potentially end their career.

My BPO Business Outsource International and Domestic Call Centers Voice Calling and Non-Voice/Backend Projects. They support inbound and outbound calls and they are known for having a high number of employees that work around the clock to offer the best services they can.

MBB has a limited number of private investors that they did not release publically as of today, and out of all of the BPO related companies in India, they have the safest and most impressive company growth. For the past few years the company’s been soaring above its competition, and it hasn’t showed any signs of going down. Their facilities are technologically advanced, every worker has an office, and every office has a computer and a phone right next to them at all times.

Also, the company offers dedicated manpower and dedicated resources for all of the Call Centers that wish to contact them. This is a very surprising feature since most BPO and Call Center related companies tend to not offer anything outside of the norm.

My BPO Business is about as professional as it can be. Not only is it the largest BPO consultant company in India, which makes it the leader on the market of BPO related organizations out there, but it’s also a very experienced company as well. This is because throughout the many years that it’s been active, the company went through a lot of ups and downs. The larger the company got, the more problems started occurring on a daily basis. Because of this, the company has gathered a lot of information which they now utilize in their own advantage.

Basically, the company now focuses on helping young entrepreneurs create their own Call Centers or BPO organizations. They offer a lot of services in exchange for a certain price, depending on the services you seek and what amount of resources they’ll be spending helping you. Overall, the company is pretty top notch, it is fast, cost effective and reliable, and best of all, it does exactly what it promises in the end.


My BPO Business is a company that helps BPO organizations and Call Centers get on the right track and make a lot of profit. The company offers a lot of resources, a lot of manpower and it makes sure that the choices made by the company are profitable in exchange for a certain amount of money. By doing this the company became the leading BPO related company in India in 2010. It’s been on top ever since.