I Revamped the Website of TMACK Elite Training in One Month

Why I Did It

Video of Problems that Needed Fixed on TMACKs Site

Video of What I Did to Fix the Problems

Weekly Updates

  • My outline for the website. This is the outline I made at the beginning of the month as an overview of my project.
  • Week 1 The why behind the project I chose.
  • Week 2 The bulk of the website gets made.
  • Week 3 Documenting my work for the month.
  • Week 4 Tying up lose ends and finishing my TextExpander mini project.

Tech Tools I Used This Month

  • Drift ChatBot Chatbot to simplify TMACK’s customer communication.
  • Appointy The scheduling software I used on the website.
  • TextExpander explainer sentence
  • Trello Project management software that I used for the month.

Blog Posts

SEO series for my website

What I Learned This Month

Problems I Faced




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Sarah Cutforth

Sarah Cutforth

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