No, Homeschoolers Aren’t “Properly Socialized.”
Zak Slayback

entrepreneurs on medium are not to be trusted; 011

mrw reading this

good lord.

When I first read this, I was annoyed. It’s mediocrely written, the sentiments it presents are annoying, and he even tries to be presumptuous enough to write this mess regarding abused children. I didn’t know what’s this dude’s deal is.

Yet, long time readers of my crappy medium account (kidding) will recall my October 4th, 2015 story entitled “this article was intended to be a roast session; 008” , wherein I spent quite awhile talking mad shit about Praxis founder Isaac Morehouse and called him (among other things) a “predatory libertarian ass”.

I still think that arguing that yuppies should forgo higher education in order to spend 14k on a series of seminars is predatory. It seems equally predatory to for profit universities.

I clicked on Zak Slayback’s linkedin, to see what Ivy he dropped out of.


Let’s think about this — Mr. Slayback writes numerous articles to be spread around Medium (not unlike Isaac Morehouse), lamenting the problems of education, while simultaneously working at a predatory college-alternative.

I honestly don’t care if people on Medium want to circlejerk about how “entrepreneurship doesn’t need an education! The only education you need is LIFE!” That’s whatever. But when you kind of have ulterior motives for writing such stories, I get pretty annoyed.

The lesson here is: Think critically, even if you got a weird education. Why is someone communicating what they are? Can you find out the context a person writes from? Why are they saying what they saying?


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Don’t… take this dude seriously…

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