You are special:)

Life is not composed of millennia or centuries, it’s span is something can’t be measured,it’s extremely skeptical to have trust over,it’s shorter,too shorter that one can hardly imagine,it’s too damn momentary to console the grieved ones, it’s too brief to mitigate the miseries of others.As long as we have our stay in this temporary world we must go on spreading the positive vibes around us.Making someone feel pleasant by doing petty good deeds doesn’t dwindle our status.Making our contemporary people feel special by sharing some cordial words doesn’t declines our prestige anyway rather it spreads happiness and peace and wipes out the feelings of selfishness from hearts. We should get rid of egoistic vibes and negative energies around us and make this world a peaceful land to live in.

I think i’m too self centered person , I hardly bother to ask from fellows, friends and family what’s going on in their lives despite I come up with something really urgent.Today I contacted some of my teachers , cousins and friends. I asked them random questions, some of them weren’t meaningful though but I kept on asking and sent too many emoticons that I don’t use usually. Their responses were great . They were feeling convenient and so did I. I learnt from this activity that we should try our best to make our people feel very special.This kind of pleasant attitude help our people to know that they mean to us a lot.When we show interest in people,they will give us a more positive response and if keep on expecting from the people that they should take a start than this is not going work anyway.

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