I grew up in this country of mine, without a fear of any kind.

I played, I worked and I grew, the way any American would.

My children arrived one by one, and my American pride escalated a ton.

I was excited to have them live the American dream like my parents had dreamt for me.

With vision and hope, they came to this great land of USA.

Respect was rampant and so was love, never experienced a push or a shove.

Nothing was wrong in this great country of mine, it was wonderful, it was great, after all it is the UNITED states.

United not so more, division has seeped. Smiles have been replaced with weeps.

Humanity being questioned and not given a chance.

Are we at fault for sowing the seeds to these plants?

The poison of hate is permeating our brains, don’t tell me I’m being dramatic so you can make gain.

When my child is being targeted for a heritage she did not choose, we all must accept that we lose.

The beauty of this country is the pursuit of life, liberty and happiness. Not the oppression, grief and sadness.

My feelings are there, I cannot deny. Don’t ease the pain by creating a lie.

I’ve been quiet too long making you think I’m weak.

Will you support me as I speak?

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