The Moon

When the sky gets dark and darkness prevails it is who raises up in splandeour and lit up the sky in the competition of stars. It is the moon which is praised by every eye, and loved by every heart just like life!

We go through so much in life every stage, every, every time unlocks it's own hardships yet we manage to reflect the light of our soul. I see moon as a life of this world;life is like the phases of moon🌒🌓🌔🌕!

This stage of life is the "teenage phase" of
Life, where nothing is exactly wrong but yet nothing appease the heart. At times where we know nothing but pretend! Where the most pinching yet most important question to our selves is what can we do to make our live worth living!? The stage where we either built ourselves or shatter ourselves! Where we know our parents are right yet how successfully we manage to disobey them.

We lose, we grow and learn ; just like moon every day we complete ourselves, we try to be the better version of ourselves YET not enough till the life ends - till the moon completes itself until the last of month.

We reflect upon our thoughts and feelings in life. What our mind process, what it thinks is actually what we are gradually becoming just as similar to moon where it does not posses its on light but is a magnificent reflection of Sun .Our thoughts can make us, break us. Things aren't really complicated in real but what we made them in our heads. It's our illusion.

Furthermore, In this Era of life where we make friends and lose them, love people and get ourselves hurt by them. Where we claim to know people yet get shock by their actions. Pretending to know things just as we get binge of watching Turkish dramas devoid of subtitles. It’s going but you can’t make sense of it. This is similar to the half of the moon - where teenage use to be a desired dream of every toddler. Where growing up use to seem fascinating. Now it’s more like a fear of growing older as being an adolescent, fear of growing old without your loved ones, fear of failing at life, fear of not accomplishing our goals before we die. Where life seems too short for all of this as a half moon which is day by day closer to complete itself and start all over the only difference is that we can’t start over there’s ain’t going back.

Life is like the phases of moon never ENOUGH till it ends yet is always beautiful. It is beautiful in its own way at every stage of life just like the moon it’s not complete always but is always beautiful. Every phase, every fold has its own beauty and glory which is mendatory to reach its next phase. And one day it is completed in its most splendid way. The life we are living is the best- people out there are dreaming for the life you’re living be grateful for what you poses today. you have got every ride to a beautiful life🦋 🕊️!