The Moon

When the sky gets dark and darkness prevails it is who raises up in splandeour and lit up the sky in the competition of stars. It is the moon which is praised by every eye, and loved by every heart just like life!

We go through so much in life every stage, every, every time unlocks it's own hardships yet we manage to reflect the light of our soul. I see moon as a life of this world;life is like the phases of moon🌒🌓🌔🌕!

This stage of life is the "teenage phase" of
Life, where nothing is exactly wrong…

What’s Harassment–Pakistan!
Pakistan is post centered between central Asia and Middle East. Pakistan is recognized as "Islamic Republic of Pakistan" by the world! ;but the questions here is it rightly – called "Islamic Republic", where the uncomendable, utterly disgust and heinous sins such as harassment or molestation –which is completely prohibited in Islam is being practiced openly in the country!?.
It is ashamed to mention that 39 % of 48.54% women’s living in Pakistan are victims of sexual or physical harassment.

Further more researches has revealed that 60–70% of women suffers from volience as living a citizen of "Islamic Republic…


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