Hero tokens — The newest and most reliable Central Banking Bank of Southeast Asia


Good news comes to the people of Southeast Asia, composed of various nations and countries such as Indonesia, Malaysia, TimorLeste, Singapore, Brunei Darussalam, Philippines, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Vietnam and although not members of Asean Papua New Guinea and Australia Lies close to Southeast Asia.
They are countries located in southeast Asia. Southeast Asia is the fastest growing region in the world. It makes the top 4 internet market in the world. Only 27% of the population of Southeast Asians has a bank account. Most Southeast Asians and Filipinos probably still do not have bank accounts, but they are internet users who are ready for an innovative and easy solution.
Present a smartcontract Token named Hero token. Hero is the newest and the first banking from Southeast Asia that is decentralized using blockchain technology. Hero is here to revolutionize the banking industry to make credit more readily available and more affordable to unbanked and underbanked in southeast asia. Unbanked is the person who has the money but does not keep his money in the bank, underbanked is the opposite
The vision of the token Hero project is to change the current financial system to 2 billion people who are not included in the banking system by utilizing technology to create systems that enable one to access credit more affordable.

The project is supported by well-known Alibaba and Softbank caliber companies, and has been run previously in quite successful pawn projects accepted in a number of countries such as the Philippines. Because they see that this blockchain technology is unique and sophisticated and has a bright economic system in the future then they take the opportunity to attend and cooperate with the token ethhereum smartcontract with the name Hero Token.
By using a sophisticated and transparent ethereum blockchain platform all of its systems run automatically and openly. We as cryptocoiners know exactly how the sophistication of a network in blockchain. Blockchain can enable everyone to have a unique and proven reputation-based identity that can enable them to participate in the same economy.
Imagine if in the future where the unbanked and underbanked would be restricted Hero that gives them a loan that can be traced in more detail on the blockchain. Each transaction can be calculated gradually on the reputation and creditworthiness of a person. In this new future, where everyone pays micro loans, they are doing something to get more and more loans to set up their business.
The noble goal of this token Hero project is to help those who often experience obstacles in banking. Present to change the new concept of credit industry. In essence it aims to create benefits for all parties in a positive social. Each Hero token holder will benefit from interest income up to 20%. The more tokens held will be the higher monthly interest income that will be shared by the company.
The company can use the profit percentage to buy back the Hero tokens from the open market or in the market exchange at the current market price, the higher the token value the market will be the better for this company and the better it will be for the token holder because the percentage of profit will be greater Every month. By using blockchain technology it will have a positive impact for those less satisfied in the regular service system will be able to easily access more affordable credit on this platform.
Each person is entitled to participate in this program and of course we as Southeast Asian citizens will greatly support his success because it will have a positive impact for the progress of the people around as well. More and more buy this token will be better for the investors themselves. Because the value of these tokens is indirectly a great opportunity will rise in the market.
1 ETH = 200 Hero Token. Bonuses will be offered to those who want to buy early.Purchases on the first day for the first three hours earn + 30% bonus tokens;Purchases on the first day of three hours and up get + 20% token bonus;Purchases on the second and third days earn + 10% bonus tokens;Purchases on the fourth to seventh day earn + 5% bonus tokens;Purchases on day eight to two weeks earn + 2.5% token bonus;Purchases over two weeks do not get any bonuses.

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