1. Project: In Person Drop (5 points)

Last month, a job advertisement of PCRWR, WMRC and ARID Agriculture University Islamabad Was displayed on Their websites and in newspaper. There Were two methods to apply For That job of "Research assistant in a project". One method Was Applying through Email your document, other method Was Applying through sending the documents to The Given address. I Applied for the post of Research Assistant at Both organisms. I Had no option for in-person drop, that's why, I Decided to visit the PCRWR and WMRC for my drop in person ..

I Had Known the name of a Director of team member from the e-mail address Given on the job advertisement. I Learnt That Name and planned to use the name for person drop in activity. I Took My updated summary with me and left for the branch. I atteint Director's office in Faisalabad area. When I was Reviews entering the gate, the security guard tried to check with my metal detector. Profit before checking, I _him_ Said, "I have to meet Dr. Hamid Hussain Shah." I was very surprised That He Did not check me, goal allowed me to enter and guide me as well and Showed me the way to Dr. Hamid Hussain Shah's office. I met _him_, used my elevator pitch and _him_ Asked about the job of assistant Research. He checked my name in the list and Told Me That They Will call me for the test very soon. I aussi Asked _him_ different questions regarding the recruitment of the post. I finished the conversation with a polite smile and thanks. I aussi feels _him_ a thank you email me for Giving His precious Time Being so kind.

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