Project 1: Eat That Frog with a Pomodoro (5 points)

Last week, Finally I have to work on my M.Phil Thesis, Because I have a very less time now to full That task Otherwise I have to pay an extra fee and May be One extra semester, so I have to remove all the mistakes from thesis. I Was Unable to remove em from last three months. So for Completing the task, I Decided to apply Pomodoro Technique. I set my watch and started reading. First 5-10 minutes were very easy. Purpose After That, It was difficulty to Maintain our attention. Distractions like facebook, cell phone and friends Were Observed aussi. So I have Decided to apply this practice in activity Each of my life. I am sour this will definitely Increase my productivity. I really work for me. I my complete 60 pages of the thesis and still 30 pages left. I will full Those in upcoming one or two days And Then I will decide my Viva with my Supervisor.

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