Project 2: Five Random Acts of Kindness (2.5 points)

1. I live in a hostel and our room has utensils Some put in a shelf. They were very dirty and no one tried to clean 'em from months. On Friday, early in the morning, I washed 'em and clean the shelf as well. My roommates were very impressed with my act of kindness. This act Increased Among my respect 'em.

2. I Had puts Director, WMRC last week for Having an informative interview. I was very impressed from His inspiring attitude and guidelines. I Had no idea of ​​how to thank _him_. So I thought a plane and wrote a thank you for facebook post. I MENTIONED _him_ fait que post and appreciated _him_ For His achievements.

3. Last week, i work with my father in the field, Helped _him_ in the sowing of wheat crop in the field, I scatter the seeds in the wheat field, That Was a very tough and tiring job, and build a aussi farming skills in my personality.

4. In Last week, I gave a lift to a Female (Anti G), I gave a lift usually not on my bike Especially to the females, She Said me (Beta tak mujhe agay Shoor dena,) so I can not refuse her feelings, and Where She want to go, aussi That Was not my road, I go Towards That point to help her, So she catch her destination spot.

5. My Friend got a job 3 months ago, her thesis and Viva is still pending, she Told me her story and request me to go to office controller and check the status of her degree. So I have no time from my own routine of life but i go there and check the status of her degree and thesis and aussi inform her through over communication.

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