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In response to A Medium-Sized Family

Love the fact that you all support meditation within the organization! I’m reworking a lot of my own self-care techniques as well. Bingo.

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Gifs are gifts to the internet world. They can communicate pretty much anything.

I call this “trust over suspicion” and building an organization where trust is fundamental part of the framework takes intentionality and leadership (clearly shown here). Love that.

More of my thoughts expanded here:

In response to Hatching Inside Medium

Love this approach. You lose absolutely nothing by sharing what’s working and what’s not. If anything, you engender goodwill with readers who are now coming for more than just another “piece of content” — they are looking to learn, be taught, and export their findings back into their own orgs. This is influence 101. Love it.

In response to Head of Communications

I was born for this role. ☺

So… Medium… What Gives…?

So, this is a pretty straight-forward mini-story / blog post about a blogger (me), a contest hosted by Medium (here), a winning entry for that contest (written here

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