3 Ways to Make Money with Your App

Looking for a great overview of pricing strategies and options for apps? Dan Counsell (again) has a great post all about it. He walks through the following three choices for app developers:

  1. Paid
  2. Paymium
  3. Freemium

It’s the second one that I’ve been thinking about more and more, especially as it relates to Desk. As Dan succinctly reports:

Paymium: An app that is paid for up-front, with additional revenue being generated by charging for extra features via In-App Purchase.

For instance, I’ve thought about offering Desk as a paid app (which has really worked historically but has slowed dramatically in the past few months) and then offering some very feature-rich upgrades for users that might want it. As an example, what if I added a paid upgrade within the app for advanced photo editing? Essentially (just an idea…) adding Instagram-like filters and editing options for any image or photo that you add to your posts? I have some experience with photo editing apps, by the way, so implementation wouldn’t be that difficult, but, it wouldn’t be for everyone. I’ve just begun to think about these types of things and I enjoy the opportunities of ideation. Thoughts?

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