Blog-First Startups
Ryan Hoover

… And the crazy-awesome thing is… that this still works. The examples you gave here still apply even 3 years later.

When we first started putting together our concept with TOMO we started just blogging about it, publicly, here on Medium. We blogged 2 times a week, religiously, and have been keeping it up… and it has paid off.

In fact, we’ve been featured in Mattermark’s daily newsletter 6 or 7 times in the past few months — and we didn’t even have a public product available! And, today, we were again featured in their weekend round-up cycling through the top-performing posts of the week:

We took all of this momentum and launched on Product Hunt this past Friday and learned a ton of stuff (a post on that coming this week…). And, we’re just getting started.

A blog-first company is still very viable… and it’s cheap, affordable (i.e. free) and can help validate very, very quickly.

Love it.

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