Fitness Micro-Challenge

I’ve discovered that I’m not really a “goal setter” insofar as creating goals and marching towards them, especially the much larger ones that might be related to life and career and things like that.

And I have tried, believe me, to change my perspective on those types of things and even given myself goals to execute against related to all sorts of topics and themes; none of them stick very long.

But what I do like creating are micro-challenges, activities that change things up a bit that are much smaller, digestible, and are difficult to accomplish.

For example, I’m now into my final full week of a new micro-challenge that I gave myself for the month of August: Get on the elliptical machine for 60 minutes every single day.


Achievable yet challenging, but not in the ways that I originally had thought. At first, I considered that it would be most tough to just get through 60 minutes since that’s a good bit of time and very tiring. My “mental toughness” for things like this wears down really quickly.

Instead, I found that blocking out 60 minutes every single day in addition to the 30–40 minutes Monday / Wednesday / Friday for weights was the most difficult. This was a new total investment and commitment of nearly 9 hours a week!

That has been the most challenging and especially after a few very long days of work and family. But, I haven’t missed a day and I’m on track to finish this fitness micro-challenge. I’m excited to put this one behind me and try something new for September — any thoughts or suggestions?

Originally published at John Saddington.