Introducing Projector

This post was originally crafted and published on May 12, 2015, by Tim and Aaron, our cofounders. Since then we’ve been completely heads down, burning the midnight oil for a year and putting together a product that will make us proud. We’re getting close to our reveal, so stay tuned.

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Like many people, we wake up, roll over, and look at our phones first thing in the morning.

We get updates on email, messages, projects we’re tracking, and a game we’re now losing to a friend. Our attention throughout the day is directed by this stream of events — sometimes noisy, sometimes distracting, and sometimes essential. These notifications are their own new interface for our digital lives.

The way we use our devices is shifting from a grid of app icons into a series of onscreen alerts, glances on our wrist, and lock screen cards that let us take action without ever swiping to open. Projector is built for this world, where the most relevant and actionable notifications find us at the perfect moment, helping us navigate a constant stream of things vying for our attention.

Over the past ten years, we’ve both been obsessed with building software experiences that weave new capabilities into existing platforms. Our previous companies — CoTweet, Socialcast, and — served as low-friction ways to share and consume information quickly. At Projector, we’re building a machine learning platform that helps developers transform their applications into timely, personalized actions and experiences.

From companies like VMware and Heroku to academic institutions, we’ve pulled together a truly extraordinary team to build this vision for the future. We’re joined by an amazing group of investors including Baseline Ventures, Freestyle Capital, SV Angel, True Ventures, and IDG Ventures.

We can’t wait to show you what we’re up to. For now, follow us on Twitter and sign up for announcements and we’ll keep you in the loop.