Misalignment occurs when communication breaks down. Unfortunately, even the smallest amounts of miscommunication can have significant impact, especially over time and in aggregate.

This tweet and image showcases this perfectly:

What’s most sad is the fact that both sides are attempting to solve the same problem: Build a system that traverses the body of water.

In the early stages of a company it is much easier to maintain a high-level of communication so that alignment isn’t really a problem.

But, over time, without intentional and deliberate investment, the smallest misalignments can accrue over time into fundamental differences.

Like most things, the team must be ever vigilant to maintain the highest levels of communication. How do you know if you’re not at the highest level? Well, that’s as easy as a basic gut-check… in my experience, you know it when you feel it.

In other words, if something feels off then there is probably something legitimately not being communicated well. The problem is that to bring up the dysfunction requires resolve and courage and most people, even the most intentional people can sometimes feel shy about making mention.

But it needs to be done. And it’s important. So get it done.

Originally published at John Saddington.