On Being Exceptional


via Aaron K Harris:

You can do this even without perfect knowledge of causation, because simply knowing that something is possible is often enough, given the right people, to achieve it.

Although the context for his post is about business and company building I think this applies to almost anything.

When I think about the projects that I’ve been working on and the goals that I’ve set for them, it’s just helpful to know that others have gone before you and, well, simply done it.

It helps you realize that being exceptional isn’t just about results but also how you get there and fundamentally why you’re headed in that direction in the first place. It also keeps you humble because being exceptional is not about being unique either, at least in the outward sense.

This is why there’s a market for copycats and this is why all businesses seem to have the same principle elements. This is why showing up and doing the work, day after day after day is the “trick” and the uncompromisable tool that exceptional people wield.

Causation can fill itself in. Your job is to show up, work hard, and never give up.

Originally published at John Saddington.