On Software Dying Gracefully

Love these thoughts (because they are so true):

First, you need to come to terms with the grim reality — the code you are working on right now is going to die. It has to die. And it will probably die within just a couple of years or so.

Ouch. But, yes.

When I do look back at the work that I’ve done a wave of guilt and shame rush over me. But, it’s only temporary and I am relieved to know that my present work is even better than anything that I’ve done thus far.

It truly is about “evolution, not death” — but how often we feel like it’s the latter, not the former.

Building great software is much more collaborative than it ever has been, requiring more disciplines to get right (and build a business) than what was required in the past.

This is a good thing as it keeps great engineers humble. It also levels the playing field for everyone who’s just getting started.

Originally published at John Saddington.