Survey: The Questions You Ask (While Building Software)

We’re passionately curious about helping others build software better and as we continue to iterate on our prototype and concept we want to ensure that we’re answering the right questions and targeting the right problem areas as we build out our solution.

Naturally, at this early stage we have a lot of assumptions and a number of core hypotheses that we’re testing against and we fully admit that we don’t have a perfect idea of how all of these things will come across.

That’s why we’ve been actively engaged in asking friends and colleagues and the internet at large for feedback. And it’s why we’ve had a handful of surveys over the past few months and it’s about that time for another one!

First, a bit of context: We all ask a ton of questions daily, weekly, and monthly while we build software. We ask these questions of ourselves, to our peers and fellow teammates, and we ask questions as technical managers and leaders.

Some of these questions are relatively easy to answer, like “How many bugs have we fixed this week?” while others are harder to answer, like “Is it time to hire another developer?”

What we want to do is to make sure that our product can help answer some of these questions for you! Will you help us, help you?

Great. Appreciate that. It’s shot, only 3 questions (only 1 that’s required!) — yes, that’s it! Click here to take it!

Originally published at Building Better Software.