Dare to make your startup Legendary
Mike Maples, Jr.

Being different is better than being better.

The checkboxes example resonates strongly — we’ve all seen too many of those.

But… there is a bit of a chicken-or-egg issue here, especially for founders who are building things that are categorically different than the existing pack of startups — many people (VCs included) can struggle with understanding the core concepts that make this new idea fundamentally different. Thus, checkboxes, although weak, can provide some structural understanding.

(Very much like your cartesian / polar coordinate example that you share in the video.)

I’m struggling with this right now with TOMO a bit — we are fundamentally attacking our problem in a very radical (i.e. “different”) way and many of the VCs we’re talking with try to bring it back to something familiar. Super-frustrating, to be sure, but I don’t need all of them (or even the majority of them) to understand or grok it — we’re just looking for one.

Thanks Mike.