An Ode to Frustration

Frustration is by far the most malevolent incarnation of human emotion. There is beauty in sadness, relief in anger, but frustration is an accumulation of all the most disgusting parts of negative emotion.

It serves no purpose and resurfaces frequently.

Frustration manifests itself in my life by thinking the finish line is in sight, but finding out I’ve been stuck delirious in the starting box. There are many days when I think I am on the cusp of an epiphany just to find out that everything I’ve worked for so desperately has fallen apart in my absence. It is working up to tell someone that you love them just to figure out that they’re moving away with another girl while you’ve been unawares.

Frustration is a disgusting eleven letter word that really means “worthless.” It comes to you when you’re just about to rise up out of the depths of the pit and sends you mufasa-ing back down.

Frustration is the reason people jab out unreadable short stories on obscure writing apps because they have no time nor outlet for their anger.

Frustration has wasted the better part of my life, and my biggest frustration is that I don’t know how not to be.

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